Do TreasureHunter3D collect any user information via apps?

We are several times asked if our applications collect any user information like GPS location - the answer is NO. Our application does store images or location of scan data locally on the user's smartphones only when the user gives permissions. Scan data can only be shared or transferred from a smartphone device on a user request.

Does device or smartphone need internet or GPS to operate during treasure hunting?

No. Internet connection or GPS are not required for the device to operate and none of the user data is ever sent to any server or being shared without user awareness. The user can share data only on his demand using the standard iOS/Android sharing feature that is described in the user manual. GPS location can be used to locally store the location of taken scans, but only if the user enables this feature in the application settings.

Can your detectors be used underwater?

Our detectors are not 100% waterproof and therefore cannot be used for underwater use. There is a possibility to use them underwater if they are placed in a water protection plastic bag.

What sensors are TreasureHunter3D devices using? (Certificate Link!)

TreasureHunter3D Treasure detector devices using sensors that we use have been tested to military & space specification standards developed by Bartington Instruments (UK company) with 35 years of experience. CERTIFICATE GoldHunter3D detector device uses classic detector coils and operating principle.